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Boston neighborhood Twitter feeds to follow right now

Including in Dot, JP, and Southie


Twitter can be an excellently fast way of keeping tabs on what’s going on in various neighborhoods across the Boston region. Some feeds are more informative than others—and more regularly updated. These are those (non-media/governmental) neighborhood feeds.

Are we missing any? Let us know! On Twitter!

Welcome to Dot


It’s cheerfully written, sharp in its observations, and fiercely loyal to Boston’s largest neighborhood by area.

Caught in Southie

South Boston

This is a very service-y feed by someone who clearly finds joy in the things that make Southie unique.

Allston Rat City


The unabashedly direct, occasionally crude, always honest Twitter feed that Allston deserves.

Quincy Quarry


Sometimes satirical and often relentlessly local in its focus, this feed for Boston’s southern neighbor does sometimes wander northward, all the way to Southie.

Fort Pointer

Fort Point

This feed serves as a relentless chronicler and occasional critic of development and infrastructure plans—and the lack thereof—in Fort Point and the neighboring Seaport.


Jamaica Plain

A good digest for keeping tabs on the trends, as well as the openings and the closings, in Boston’s Jamaica Plain.