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Boston price comparison: What $800,000 buys right now

Including in Brighton, Southie, and Mission Hill

At the $800,000 mark in Boston, a prospective buyer is probably tipping into the expensive end of the housing market.

What does flirting with such territory buy right now? Our latest Curbed Comparisons dove into five different areas to find out.

Broad strokes: $800K in Boston will buy you space—at least 1,000 square feet, if not double—and it does seem to command parking as well, always a premium hereabouts.

The new-construction, townhouse-style condo at 18 South Waverly Street out in Brighton is asking $799,900. The 2,220-square-foot spread has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a $300 condo fee. The price covers two garaged parking spaces to boot.

In Southie, Unit 5 at 191 K Street also comes with two garaged parking spaces and a private roof deck. It’s a 2-BR, 2-BA condo running to 1,137 square feet and with a tag of $799,000 and a condo fee of $435.

Unit 306 in Mission Hill comes with a private deck as well. The 1,750-square-foot 4-BR, 2-BA is asking $799,000 and carries a condo fee of $562. The price includes one off-street parking space.

Out in West Roxbury, $799,900 nabs you an entire house—in this case, a 2,625-square-foot colonial with bones dating from the 1880s. The house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

We end where South Boston starts to meet Dorchester. There, the house at 21 Vinton Street is asking $799,000 for its 1,600 square feet, three bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms. There’s also a fenced-in backyard.