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Boston Harbor Garage tower about to take a big step forward

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It has to do with zoning

The redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage, one of the biggest and the most controversial developments in the Boston region, is poised to take a major step forward on February 9 (if the snowy weather doesn’t get in the way).

The Boston Planning and Development Agency is set to sign off on a rezoning of the waterfront area that would allow the construction of a 600-foot tower in place of the current garage.

Now, the BPDA’s O.K. only hands off the rezoning to the state for the final say. But does move forward changes that could clear the way for the garage’s redevelopment.

Plans for that redevelopment stretch back several years and have undergone various iterations as developer Don Chiofaro has sought to placate not only public officials but opponents as varied as the New England Aquarium and condo owners at the Harbor Towers.

The latest plans call for that 600-foot spire, which would likely include both residential and commercial space.

Stay tuned.