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Cambridge rent comparison: What $2,500 a month gets now

Including in Cambridgeport, Area IV, and Riverside

The region’s prime rental season is almost here, so we thought we’d start looking at what certain rent points command in certain heavily shopped areas.

Up first: $2,500 a month (or thereabouts) in Cambridge.

↑ There’s a 466-square-foot, pet-friendly studio available in the two-year-old Vivo apartment complex at 270 Third Street in East Cambridge for $2,500 even. In-unit laundry and on-site parking included.

↑ The 91 Sidney building in Cambridgeport is asking just under $2,600/month for a 580-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA. Parking is available for extra, but the spread comes with in-unit laundry.

↑ There’s a 1,068-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA at the the Vox on Two building at 223 Concord Turnpike in West Cambridge asking $2,520. In-unit laundry and parking included.

↑ A 650-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA at 220 Windsor Street in Area IV wants $2,600 a month. There’s laundry and storage in the building’s basement.

↑ There’s a 900-square-foot 2-BR, 1-BA up for lease for $2,500 at 885 Massachusetts Avenue in Riverside. Parking is included, but laundry does not appear to be (even in the building).

↑ At 351 Harvard Street in Mid-Cambridge, there’s a 932-square-foot, 1-BR, 1-BA condo for rent for $2,550. Parking included; laundry in the building.