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Seaport Square’s M1M2 residential component moving forward

730 condos and apartments

View from Autumn Lane
Cottonwood Management

Cottonwood Management Group out of Los Angeles has started pre-construction work at a 3.5-acre site in Boston’s bustling Seaport Square that is due to host a trio of towers with more than 730 apartments and condos.

A minimum of 455 of the units will be condos, and two of the towers will be condos.

The site, called M1M2, is right next to Cottonwood’s new East Coast offices in 101 Seaport Boulevard, the 17-story building that became in 2015 the first office tower to open in Seaport Square (a German investment house owns it).

As for M1M2, it will include said residential units as well as 125,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space and a public courtyard.

Construction is scheduled to wrap by early 2020. Stay tuned.