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Beacon Hill federal asking $17M lands buyer

16 rooms, nine fireplaces

When it dropped in late January through Coldwell Banker for a cool $17,000,000, the townhouse at 39 Beacon Street right across from the Boston Common had not sold since November 1996.

There’s now a sale pending.

The 14,345-square-foot federal includes nine fireplaces, eight full bathrooms, eight bedrooms, a roof deck, and an elevator. The real star attraction, though, might be the winding staircase.

The townhouse, which dates from 1843, is divided into essentially three living areas: what the listing describes as a “grand main residence” and two 2-BR duplexes.

So 39 Beacon is either Boston’s fanciest multi-generational home or one heck of a posting for an au pair.

Either way, stay tuned for the close.