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Roxbury development would plunk 23 apartments just north of Dudley Square

1 Newcomb Place

Urban Core Development

The developers behind a proposal to plunk 23 apartments in a six-story development on a vacant lot just north of Roxbury’s Dudley Square are touting the idea as a way to further revitalize the area.

Urban Core Development and Boston Real Estate Collaborative call their more than $8 million plan 1 Newcomb Place. It would be located behind 1902-1904 Washington Street, and would have 20 market-rate apartments.

The proposal comes amid changes to the Dudley Square area itself—including plans for high-rise development—and amid a push to preserve and create more housing in Roxbury to prevent the displacement of current residents.

The 1 Newcomb Place plans are still preliminary and only just now landed with the city. Stay tuned.