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Mass + Main lawsuit halts work on major Cambridge project

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Elks object to impact


A new lawsuit has halted development of Mass + Main, one of the biggest new developments slated for Cambridge.

The Massasoit Elks Lodge at 55 Bishop Allen Drive has sued the city over the project’s potential impact on neighbors such as the lodge.

Recall that Mass + Main is due to have 285 apartments over two buildings, one of which will stretch to 195 feet. The city’s Planning Board signed off on the plan in January and the Elks’ lawsuit followed in February.

The project has been a long time in coming—the city approved a zoning change for it in 2015—and developer Twining has adjusted the plans to assuage other critics and concerned parties.

It seemed like a slam dunk two months ago, but a resolution of the lawsuit seems a must before construction can continue.