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New Boston waterfront park will be ‘jaw-dropping,’ group says

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Five sites under consideration


The nonprofit Trustees of Reservations, which owns some 27,000 acres of parkland and beaches in Massachusetts, wants to build what its chief executive describes as a “jaw-dropping” park along the Boston waterfront.

The details are still scarce—including the price tag and a timeline, per the Globe’s Tim Logan—but five sites in particular appear to be on the group’s radar:

  • two spots on the East Boston waterfront, one near Maverick Square and the other along Border Street
  • a site along Fort Point Channel
  • along and around the shuttered Northern Avenue Bridge (pictured)
  • Dry Dock No. 4, a decommissioned boat-repair pier behind the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in South Boston

Each spot presents its own challenges; and other groups, including City Hall, have tried for such a large-scale park along the Boston waterfront, too, only to see their plans inevitably scrapped or whittled down (though the waterfront certainly does not lack for nice parks).

For now, the Trustees of Reservations is still officially looking for the site; but the group, according to Logan, has “hired several of the nation’s leading landscape architects to design concepts for public release later this spring.”

Stay tuned.