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Boston Canada geese control moves to the masses: City to train residents

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It’s called egg addling

Danny Chapman/Flickr

Boston’s Canada geese infestation has gotten so flocking bad that the city will host a training session on March 29 at 6 p.m. at Dorchester’s Franklin Park Clubhouse. The National Humane Society will supervise.

Exactly what will the group train residents to do? It’s called egg addling.

Basically, it involves finding the nests of Canada geese; removing eggs; coating them with corn oil to suffocate what’s inside; and then returning the eggs to the nests—with the geese none the wiser lest they lay more to replenish the missing ones.

It’s the first time Boston has offered such training. Residents who undergo it will still have to receive a permit in order to start egg addling.

In the meantime, the breeding season for Canada geese is underway and runs through June. Watch where you step.