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Boston’s population growth: Immigrants drive it amid general slowdown

Saved area from loss in 2015

Harshil Shah/Flickr

Immigrants have driven the Boston region’s population growth during the past several years, even as that growth slows, according to recent statistics.

Indeed, without arrivals from outside of the United States, the region would have lost population in 2015. Instead, the area gained roughly twice as many residents from immigration as it lost from domestic moves, per the Globe’s Tim Logan.

In Boston proper, the number of foreign-born residents rose nearly 20 percent from 2000 to 2014, to bring the immigrant share of the city’s population to 27 percent.

All of this is important to note because the region’s population growth in general is slowing markedly. The latest Census data showed that the amount of newcomers to the region declined for the third straight year in 2016. And, while 25,000 people did settle here last year, that sum is down by nearly half since 2013.

Now, whether that brings down housing costs is another matter.