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Open thread: Do you plan on leaving the Boston area?

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Population growth is slowing

Ian Ligget/Flickr

The amount of newcomers to the five counties comprising the Boston region declined for the third straight year in 2016, according to the latest Census data. And, while 25,000 people did settle here last year, that sum is down by nearly half since 2013.

In short, the region’s population growth is slowing. If it weren’t for newcomers from outside of the United States, in fact, it would probably be shrinking.

Are you part of the de facto exodus? Do you want to—or plan to—leave the Boston area at some point in the near term?

That’s our open thread this Friday. Tell us your reasons for considering leaving or planning to leave. (And, students, you don’t necessarily count as you arrived with an expiration date—do share, though, whether you plan to stay post-graduation.)

Back in October, we asked how moving to the Boston area in the first place worked out. This is the flip side of that.

Sound off in the comments below.