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‘Blueway’ could extend the Greenway 1,000 feet to Boston’s waterfront

Part of bigger plan

Rendering of the Blueway
CBT Architects

Lost a bit in the details of the Boston Planning and Development Agency’s approval on March 2 of a rezoning for 42 acres of prime Boston waterfront was a proposal from the New England Aquarium to create a so-called “Blueway” from the current Rose Kennedy Greenway 1,000 feet to the water’s edge.

The proposal is tied to plans for the redevelopment of the Boston Harbor Garage. Basically, the aquarium wants the Blueway in exchange for its acquiescence to the redevelopment, which could spawn a 600-foot tower.

CBT Architects

The aquarium first broached the idea with the city and the Harbor Garage’s owner, the Chiofaro Co., in September 2016. It’s not clear yet what Chiofaro has in mind re: the site, though the firm has been trying to redevelop it for ages.

And the March 2 approval certainly moves such a project that much more forward—which could mean 1,000 more feet of Boston’s famed ribbon of downtown parkland. Stay tuned.