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Boston liquor licenses: Can they revitalize neighborhoods?

City thinks so

Steve Guzzardi/Flickr

The Walsh administration wants to use liquor licenses to boost the nighttime activity of seven Boston neighborhoods.

Under a new proposal, five liquor licenses for restaurants and/or bars would be granted over a three-year period to each of these neighborhoods: Dorchester, East Boston, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Mattapan, and Roxbury.

The idea is that either existing establishments or future ones will snap up the licenses and thereby draw more patrons in the evening hours—and, presto, busier sidewalks, retailers, etc., in these areas.

Will it work? The city certainly thinks so.

As an added measure, the Walsh administration wants to limit the number of new liquor licenses for the already eatery-heavy North End and Back Bay.

And! In a move related to the idea of alcohol as activity-bringer, the administration is also seeking to grant licenses to sell beer, wine, and spirits at Southie’s Lawn on D park and the South End’s Boston Center for the Arts.

Pour a tall one and watch what happens.