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Roxbury 3-BR ‘a great South End and JP alternative’

Price-wise, certainly

The 1,136-square-foot Unit 1 at 5 Ellis Street in Roxbury’s Fort Hill area is one-third of a small condo complex that went up in 2006.

The spread still has that brand-new look, though, and includes touches such as floor-to-ceiling windows, an open plan through much of it, and a main bedroom suite with one of the condo’s two full bathrooms.

It’s all asking $519,000 through Compass, which touts the unit as “a great South End and JP alternative.”

Indeed, we think it would be quite a bit pricier located in the former and at least a smidgen more expensive if found in the latter.

The condo last sold in April 2008 for $280,000.