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Boston apartment amenities that add the most to the rent check

Top of the list? Lounge

Fitness centers, concierges, and roof decks are the most common amenities in luxury apartment buildings in Boston, according to a survey from trade group the National Apartment Association and analytics firm Enodo Score.

Not only that, but such amenities add quite the premium to monthly rents, suggesting that their frequency is no accident—developers want to provide them and tenants are willing to pay for them.

In the case of concierges, for instance, that can mean nearly $75 extra per month, based on calculations using a hypothetical 1,057-square-foot apartment.

The survey in general crunched 100,000 responses from 35 states; and it looked at 11 cities in particular, including Boston.

Interestingly enough, the five most common amenities in Boston were largely social ones—in other words, lounges, roof decks, and fitness centers tend to bring tenants together.

The same held true nationally: Fitness center was No. 1. As for in-unit touches, a W/D seemed a must nationally.