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Which streets should Boston close to vehicular traffic?

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Keith Bedford/Globe

The replacement of the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge over the turnpike will close off a portion of Commonwealth Avenue for a goodly chunk of the dog days of summer, the effects of the closure reverberating out to nearby roadways and public transit stops.

In other words, a real cats-and-dogs-living-together mess.

And yet. Some might see an opportunity in Comm. Ave.’s partial shutdown—the chance to ask which roadways in and around Boston should be closed to vehicular traffic permanently.

It’s not so far-fetched. Boston closed Back Bay’s Newbury Street for a day last summer and it turned into a veritable playground. Various festivals and events routinely close portions of the region’s roadways (note the marathon coming up).

Moreover, several major cities worldwide are moving toward car-less cores or are actively promoting alternatives to cars such as building bike lanes where roadways would otherwise go.

Plus, it’s a hassle to park around here, ain’t it?

So which streets in the Boston area should become car-free? Sound off in the comments section below.