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Red Line maintenance projects to cause months-long headaches for commuters

Especially in Quincy

The MBTA is about to embark on a major run of repair and renovation projects affecting the Red Line.

These include a major upgrade of the Wollaston stop in Quincy to make it more accessible and its electrical and security systems sounder (and, per the Globe’s Jill Terreri Ramos, to correct a flooding problem).

That will mean the Wollaston station will close for 20 months starting this fall. Its approximately 4,600 weekday users will have to bus it to the North Quincy stop.

MBTA work will also commence before the end of the year at the Quincy Center, Quincy Adams, and Braintree stops—and private developers will be constructing a mixed-use complex off that North Quincy stop.

It could be years of this along the T’s busiest route—three tops, the MBTA says. Stay tuned.