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Should Boston worry about shadows new projects cast on historic buildings and parks?

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A simulation of the shadows the tower would cast at 7:05 a.m. on August 24.
BPDA/Boston Globe

Boston is crackling with new development, and no structures accentuate the boom more loudly than the several high-rises either underway or planned.

Some will be among the tallest buildings in Boston—in the United States north of New York City, really—when they’re finished. They will add much needed housing and office space as well as retail (albeit for a price).

But! These neck-crane-rs have engendered quite a bit of controversy lately. Simply put, a lot of people see them as too tall for their areas. They especially fear one particular byproduct of that height: the shadows the high-rises will cast.

Look no further than the controversies surrounding the proposed redevelopment of the Winthrop Square Garage (rendered) or the additions to Back Bay Station. Opponents fret that such buildings will shadow not only famed public spaces such as the Boston Common or the Public Garden, but historic buildings and districts.

What’d you think? Should that be a concern? Why or why not?

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