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South Boston power plant redevelopment would feature lots of open space

And redone turbine halls

Developers Hilco Global and Redgate have filed a letter of intent with the city to redevelop the approximately 15.2-acre site of the long-shuttered New Boston Generating Station in South Boston (a.k.a. the South Boston Edison Power Plant).

It’s one of the first steps toward actually breaking ground and seeing their vision of eight new buildings added to the site over the next 10 to 15 years.

According to the letter, this build-out and the rehab of existing buildings, including the station’s three turbine halls, would create 2.1 million square feet of residential, office, hotel, retail, and restaurant space.

Such ambitions would make the station redevelopment one of Boston’s biggest real estate projects by far.

To perhaps sweeten the pot to attain the necessary approvals, the developers are promising a slew of open and/or public space as part of the project. This would include a park of more than 1 acre next to Reserve Channel and an “arts and industry” district for artists and artisans.

The developers would also dismantle fencing around the site. Above are the first two renderings of the would-be development.

Things are all still preliminary. Stay tuned.