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Winthrop Square skyscraper clears City Council (updated)

Headed to state

The Boston City Council voted 10-3 on April 26 to support an exemption to a state law governing shadows that new Boston developments cast on certain areas. The exemption now moves to the state legislature.

The exemption, which the Walsh administration backs, would allow for the construction of a tower in place of the city-owned Winthrop Square Garage at 240 Devonshire Street.

That 775-foot spire would be the tallest primarily residential tower in New England.

The exemption has proved incredibly controversial as some worry about shadows the spire will cast on the Boston Common and the Public Garden.

Supporters of the development—which New York-based Millennium Partners, the same folks behind Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing, would build—point to the $153 million windfall Boston stands to make in selling the garage.

Update 2:39 p.m. April 26. Joe Larkin, a principal at Millennium Partners, issued this state re: the City Council vote:

First and foremost, we would like to thank the City Councilors for believing in this project and for understanding the many ways that it will benefit all of Boston.

Today’s Home Rule Petition vote marks an important step forward and is a remarkable win on multiple fronts. Among the projected wide-reaching economic benefits, our parks and affordable housing will receive a critical influx of funds. And having inspired a broad and unprecedented coalition of supporters from every corner of Boston, this project has brought our city closer together.

Looking ahead, we are hopeful that the State Legislature will join the City Councilors in supporting this vastly beneficial and transformative project.