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How should Boston solve its chronic housing shortage?

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It’s no secret that one of the main reasons—if not the main reason—that Boston real estate prices are so high is because of a chronic housing shortage (ironic, we know, given the pace of new construction).

There simply are not enough apartments, condos, and houses to go around. This reality pushes newcomers and other first-time buyers that much father from the city center if they want to rent a decent place or (god forbid) buy.

How to solve this gnawing shortage then?

Is it to build that much more densely in certain areas of Boston (and, while we’re at it, in certain areas of places such as Cambridge, Newton, and Brookline)? Are taller towers the answer? Should the city subordinate concerns such as shadows and congestion to catching the housing supply up with the demand?

What about construction labor costs? And land costs? And transit priorities?

Sound off in the comments section. No idea too pie-in-the-sky.