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Big reveal: the Somerville condo in a ‘Philly-style’ property

Most readers missed this

All photos via Century 21 Adams KC

Address: 71 Winslow Avenue, #1

Price: $675,000

The results: The correct asking price for this 2-BR, 1-BA condo near Davis Square in Somerville garnered only 1 in 4 votes cast.

The biggest vote-getter? $770,000 with 30 percent of the tally, and then $845,000 with 28 percent.

It is a pretty gorgeous place, comprising a sizable chunk of what the Century 21 Adams KC listing describes as a “Philly-style” property. What is that, exactly? A two-family with separate front doors and with at least one unit a duplex.

By the way, too, Unit 1 at 71 Winslow is now under contract. Sigh.