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Somerville rent comparison: What $2,500 gets you now

Including in East Somerville, Spring Hill, near Tufts

The busiest rental season of the year is pretty much upon us, with lease renewals going out to existing tenants and soon-to-graduate collegians hunting for space.

So we’ve been using Curbed Comparisons to look into various rental price points region-wide. Now up: Somerville for $2,500.

↑ In the Tufts area near Davis and Teele squares, the three-unit building at 998 Broadway has a 2-BR, 1-BA apartment asking $2,500. It includes free laundry and storage in the basement as well as front and back porches.

↑ Unit 1 at 21 Laurel Street between Porter and Union squares also wants $2,500 even. The 990-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA was recently renovated and allows cats.

↑ Unit 1 at 40 Benton Road, also between Porter and Union squares, is also asking $2,500/month. The 1,000-square-foot 1-BR, 1-BA includes in-unit laundry. There is also the option of renting the place furnished for $3,000.

↑ There are at least two 1-BRs for rent for $2,500 each at 123 Highland Avenue, where Spring Hill meets Prospect Hill. Each is 710 square feet and has one bathroom. The building includes laundry and storage facilities.

↑ In East Somerville, the top-floor at 167 Pearl Street is asking $2,500 a month for its three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,100 square feet. There is laundry in the building’s basement and pets are welcome.