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Southeast Expressway park will fill in underpass, create urban wonderland

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Where else could this work?

National Development

National Development, the developer behind the South End’s Ink Block, and the state Transportation Department plan to open a new park in June underneath the Southeast Expressway near the massive residential project.

The developer will landscape a portion of the current paved, vacant surfaces to create public space for fitness classes, concerts, corporate gatherings, and other events, per the Globe’s Tim Logan.

There will also be street art—including graffiti festivals—and a dog park as well as bike paths and ample lighting. In part, it’s hoped that what has been dubbed the Ink Underground will better connect the South End and South Boston.

Its imminent opening begs the question: Where else might such a park work? Are there underpasses elsewhere in the region that could benefit from some civic love? And can we go ahead and coin the term “underpark”?