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New Quincy apartments near Neponset start at $2,100 for studios

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Meet Meriel Marina Bay

Everyone knows that Quincy Center is seeing quite a bit of change in the form of new development. But in the city’s farther reaches, too, change is afoot.

Case in point: The soon-to-be Meriel Marina Bay apartments at 552 Victory Road near the Neponset River separating Quincy’s Marina Bay neighborhood from Boston’s Dorchester.

Hines, the same folks behind the South Station tower, are developing the 352 luxury units in two five-story buildings (and leasing just started). Amenities will include a fitness center, courtyards, a pool, lounges, and plenty of parking for cars, bikes, and—yes—kayaks.

In perhaps a nod to the more transit-oriented development going up in Quincy Center, Meriel Marina Bay will also include a shuttle for tenants to the North Quincy Red Line stop, which puts them one stop outside of Boston.

Which is kind of the point of apartment complexes such as these: to be near Boston, but not in it so as to maybe escape the city’s cartoonishly high rents.

And what are the rents for the new development? Studios start at around $2,100; 1-BRs at around $2,400; 2-BRs at around $3,100; and 3-BRs at around $3,700.

The complex is open for tours, and move-ins are slated to start as early as May 1.