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South Boston’s biggest development ever? Builders detail plans for 2.1M square feet

Including 1,588 condos, apartments


We’ve known for a long while that developers Hilco Global and Redgate want to build big on the 15.2-acre South Boston waterfront site of the long-shuttered New Boston Generating Station (aka the South Boston Edison Power Plant).

Thanks to a fresh filing with the city, it’s clear just how big the pair want to build.

The 2.1 million-square-foot development would include seven new buildings, three at least 200 feet high each. There would be 1,588 apartments and condos, plus a 150-room hotel, 339,000 square feet of office space, and 68,000 square feet of retail.

The project would provide 987 underground parking spaces as well as a new road off Summer Street and a 1.15-acre plaza along Reserved Channel.

There would also be dedicated space for “arts and industry” uses, per the Globe’s Tim Logan, who rightfully speculates that the power plant development would be “perhaps the largest ever in Southie proper.”

There are potential roadblocks to the developers’ scope. Some are already sounding alarms about a potential dearth of parking, even with nearly 1,000 spaces. And the site presents aesthetic and engineering challenges, not least a neighboring freight road.

Stay tuned. This could go back and forth for a while as Hilco and Redgate don’t expect to start construction until next year and then keep going until 2030.