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East Boston waterfront prices outpacing those in Dorchester

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And Quincy

The average asking price for market-rate homes along the rapidly changing East Boston waterfront right now is $476 a square foot, according to a new analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

A range of $342 to $649 a foot produces this average. See below.

And! As part of Curbed Boston’s Water Week, we’ve been breaking down home prices along other prime waterfront stretches. How does Eastie’s waterfront compare with Dorchester and Quincy?

Take it away, NeighborhoodX co-founder Constantine Valhouli: “East Boston occupies the upper end of the price range," he wrote in an email. "And, even on the lower end, the Eastie waterfront prices are higher than those in Dorchester's beach neighborhoods."