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Imagine Boston 2030: City’s big plan pivots on waterfront

Including rising sea levels

Chris Bainbridge/Flickr

The Walsh administration is putting the finishing touches on Imagine Boston 2030, the city’s first master plan since the 1960s. It’s been at least two years in the making, and water appears to be central to the whole thing.

Specifically, Imagine Boston 2030 is looking at ways the city can combat climate change and the rising sea levels it’s sure to bring. Per the Globe’s Tim Logan: “New ‘flood management areas’ are envisioned along Boston Harbor, the Mystic River, and Dorchester Bay. And more waterfront open space could help both connect neighborhoods to the harbor and buffer against the impacts of flooding.”

These plans would, of course, necessitate changes along the city’s waterfront. We’re assuming those changes would accommodate both development and said open space. Such balance could prove a difficult needle for the city to thread, though. Stay tuned.