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What’s the next big thing the Boston region should do with its water?

Sound off

A proposal for a swimming area in the Charles.
Charles River Conservancy

Before Water Week evaporates here at Curbed Boston, we thought we’d put the question to our readers: What’s the next big thing the region should do with its copious water access?

Perhaps it’s time for designated swimming areas in the Charles. It might certainly feel nice in the sort of scorching weather the region’s enduring right now.

Or maybe it’s time for additional commuter ferries on additional ferry routes. New York City, for instance, just launched more regular commuter-ferry service from farther-flung locales of the outer boroughs to Manhattan.

What about a Blueway out of the Greenway? More waterfront parkland in general, including that whopper everyone was talking about a couple of months ago? Or seaplanes?

Sound off in the comments section. No idea too blue-sky.