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Who is responsible for pedestrian and biker safety in the Boston area?

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Fiona Wong/Flickr

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh recently caused a kerfuffle when he inferred that bicyclists and pedestrians shared as much responsibility—if not more—for their safety as drivers.

A couple of snippets of Hizzoner’s comments: “Pedestrians need to put their head up when they’re walking down the street, take your headphones off … you’ve got to understand, cars are going to hit you.” And: “People need to be more cognizant of the fact that a car is a car. Even bicyclists, when you’re riding; a car can’t stop on a dime.”

What’d you think? Who is responsible for the safety of the region’s growing ranks of bikers and its always hefty proportion of pedestrians?

Or, to ask it another way, does proportionality apply? Are some more responsible than others?

Finally, what more can officials such as Walsh be doing to improve safety for everyone?

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