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Big reveal: the Dorchester shingle with an in-law suite

A tie!

All photos via Gibson Sotheby’s

Address: 281 Ashmont Street

Price: $985,000

The results: For the first time in a long, long time, our PriceSpotter resulted in a tie. Yes, both the correct asking of $985,000 and an incorrect choice of $1,255,000 garnered 28 percent of the tally.

This was a tough one, we admit. The property in question is a gorgeous 13-room shingle in one of the more desirable areas of one of Boston’s more desirable neighborhoods. And it’s ginormous for Dot: 3,843 square feet.

The second-place finisher—but only by a hair, with 26 percent—was $1.1 million. A distant third was $1.5 million with 9 percent and then $879,000 with 8 percent.