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Boston rents by T stop: Staying on the train a bit longer can save a lot

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Green Line a particular deal

Renting a one-bedroom apartment around the Downtown Crossing, Boylston, Arlington, and Back Bay T stops in downtown Boston will run tenants a lot more than renting a one-bedroom farther out on the Red, Orange, or Green lines.

That is according to a new analysis from real estate listings site RentHop, which tracked median one-bedroom asking rents by T stop for the first quarters of 2016 and 2017.

See the interactive map above to see how rents have changed year-over-year near stops such as the Red Line’s Harvard Square (up 6.4 percent) and the Blue Line’s Maverick (up 10.5 percent).

Median one-bedroom rents increased annually around 101 stops across all T lines, according to RentHop, and declined around 23. Asking rents remained the same at only three stops.

And, as you might expect, the farther out you get on different lines—the Green Line in particular—the cheaper one-bedrooms get.