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Boston millennials: Where they cluster

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Three areas in particular

Robbie Shade/Flickr

Residents between the ages of 18 and 34 make up at least 40 percent of the population in six different Boston areas, according to a new analysis from the nonprofit Boston Foundation.

Fenway/Kenmore has the highest concentration, with 82 percent of residents falling within that millennial range. Allston/Brighton follows with 65 percent of its population 18 to 34. Then what the Boston Foundation calls “Central Boston” follows that with a 50 percent share.

Rounding out this top half-dozen are Back Bay/Beacon Hill (49 percent), South Boston (43 percent), and Jamaica Plain (41 percent).

One big caveat, though: The shares are based on data from 2010.

Still, it’s unlikely anyone familiar with Boston would be surprised to learn that areas such as Fenway/Kenmore and Allston/Brighton claim huge shares of its young. For one thing, these areas have long had large collegian populations. For another, they’re among Boston’s more affordable enclaves.

Whether these young people are going to stick around even these cheaper areas is another matter entirely—something the analysis isn’t too confident about. Why? Because of the high cost of real estate. It’s always because of that.