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Boston’s fastest-growing neighborhoods, mapped

East Boston seems to be on the up and up, while South Boston seems to be growing slower than the rest of the region

Screenshot of ESRI map

A brand new, interactive map has been created by ESRI that is sure to get data geeks and Boston lovers excited. This new map offers a detailed look at which neighborhoods in Boston have grown the fastest in the last five years.

When looking at the map, understand that the darker the blue on the map, the greater the growth. The pale orange colors indicate either a lack of growth or a decline. To learn further, simply click on the different sections on the map, and additional information will pop open, covering the current population, the predicted growth change, and a bar graph indicating the changes in growth rate.

From the map, it looks like South Boston has had some of the least growth, different parts of Cambridge have escalated and declined in growth, and East Boston seems to be on the up and up.

If interested in checking out which areas are growing and shrinking the most in population, give the map a whirl here.

USA Projected Population Growth Rate 2010-2015 [ESRI]