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Boston rent comparison: What $4,000 a month gets

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See your options with neighborhoods like Bunker Hill and Hyde Park

Renters may not always know it, but they sometimes have a variety of options afforded to them. To prove this, it’s time for Curbed Comparisons, a regular column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Boston neighborhoods.

Today, Curbed is focusing on what $4,000 a month gets you in and around Boston.

When it comes to what to expect, readers will find units ranging from one-bedroom apartments to five-bedroom single-family homes, from Bunker Hill all the way to Hyde Park.

With one bedroom and one bathroom, this waterfront rental is on the market just a touch under budget for $3,960 a month. This pet-friendly unit in Bunker Hill comes with one garage parking space.

In Brighton, this single-family home is up for grabs for the price of $4,000 a month. While it has five bedrooms, it unfortunately only has two bathrooms to offer. There is a total of 2,000 square feet in the property with free laundry included as well as street parking. Cats are allowed, but not dogs.

The first month of this two-bedroom, two-bathroom South Boston apartment is free, according to the listing. Here, there is a washer and dryer offered along with amenities like a 24-hour concierge, fitness center, and multiple on-site restaurants. The unit is pet-friendly.

Next up, this Jamaica Plain single-family home is on the market for $4,000 a month with four bedrooms and peculiarly enough only one bathroom. According to the listing, the residence includes storage, updated appliances, and laundry. Small dogs are allowed inside.

Finally, with five bedrooms and two bathrooms, this $4,000 a month rental in Hyde Park is on the market with a new kitchen and updated bathrooms. Pets are allowed inside. In the basement, there is coin-operated laundry. Off-street parking is also available.