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Boston Celtics' facility in Brighton gets $76M loan

Once completed, expect two basketball courts in the facility as well as office space and physical therapy areas

For approximately 17 years now, the Boston Celtics have practiced in their Waltham practice facility, but there are plans to construct a brand new, 71,000-square-foot facility in Brighton with a delivery by the summer of 2018. Boston Business Journal reported that the planned facility has landed new financing from the East Boston Savings Bank, totaling $76 million, which will cover both the building of the facility and the acquisition of the property.

The complex, located at 40 Guest Street, will feature a 40-foot glass wall, office space, a hospitality lounge, top-notch sports science and physical therapy areas, and all 17 World Championship banners. There will also be two basketball courts. Groundbreaking occurred in November 2016.

The architect behind the project is Elkus Manfredi.

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