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Twenty Two Liberty top-floor unit provides rare glimpse into ultra-luxury project

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Over $2,100 a square foot

All photos via Fallon Co.

The 10-floor, 109-unit Twenty Two Liberty in Boston’s Seaport District is one of the more gobsmacking luxury developments in the city’s recent history.

But its interiors have been largely a mystery, thanks in large part to the Fallon Co., the building’s developer, initially selling units without (gasp!) the assistance of brokerages.

Now, though, a resale of Unit 10E for $4.65 million through said developer’s Mary Griffin Benoit provides a sweeping look inside the spectacle.

This particular 10th-floor unit is 2,116 square feet, and includes two bedrooms as well as two and a half bathrooms.

Its asking price means it’s going for $2,197.54 a square foot, a remarkable sum for Boston.