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Boston developments without parking: It’s a trend!

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City approves two more

212 Stuart Street
Rendering courtesy of Transom Real Estate

The Boston Planning & Development Agency late last week approved two apartment projects: One a 19-story project at 212 Stuart Street in Bay Village with 133 units total (including two townhouse-style apartments); and a 21-story project at 47 LaGrange Street in Chinatown with 130 units.

Interesting as they might be on their own—their heights will certainly stand out in their respective areas—what really sets them apart from their newer brethren is a lack of onsite parking at each.

47 LaGrange Street
Rendering via the Globe/Stantec

Add 212 Stuart and 47 LaGrange to the condos at Lovejoy Wharf, where the North End meets the West End, and you’ve got a bonafide trend in Boston real estate: New larger-scale development without onsite parking.

Why no onsite parking? It does save the developers money. But, also, as the BPDA summary for its decision on 47 LaGrange puts it, location matters (as it often does in real estate): “Due to the project’s close proximity to public transportation, on-site parking has been eliminated from the program.”

At 212 Stuart, developer Transom has struck a deal with the adjoining garage at 200 Stuart to provide some parking to residents; and there will be plenty of bike parking as part of the project. New car spaces, though? Forget it.

As for the pioneering Lovejoy Wharf, sales got underway in April. Stay tuned for news of demand for a unit sans a private spot.

(Though developer Related Beal has contacted us since this post went live to point out that Lovejoy Wharf owners will be able to rent parking spaces at the under-construction Beverly at 101 Beverly Street nearby. Developer Related Beal is building both.)