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Harvard house prices comparable to ones in Boston’s Mattapan

Outliers galore, though

112 Bolton Road
Photo via Coldwell Banker

The average asking price for market-rate houses in Harvard—the town 45 miles northwest of Boston, not the university—is $244 a square foot, according to an analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

But! As NeighborhoodX research director and co-founder Constantine Valhouli tells us, the analysis turned up quite a few outliers. Per Valhouli:

50 Turner's Lane is the most expensive property on a per-square-foot basis ($463/square foot), in part because of the extraordinary waterfront location. 112 Bolton Road sits on 22 acres, while 52 Lancaster County Road sits on 30 acres. Meanwhile, 199 Still River Road and 308 Old Littleton Road each sit on 12 acres of land.

See below for the range of prices in Harvard, a bucolic burg of about 6,500 souls.

Finally, a little bit of geographic context re: Harvard’s prices, again courtesy of Valhouli: “Harvard's average asking price of $244/sq.ft., is comparable to Mattapan’s ($236/square foot).”