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Yotel Seaport opening: Boston’s tiniest hotel rooms finally check in

149 square feet

A “premium queen” room at Yotel Boston

The long-planned Yotel Boston at Seaport Boulevard and Sleeper Street in the Seaport officially opens for guests today (June 22).

The debut brings with it the smallest hotel rooms in Boston.

How small? The bulk of the 11-story inn’s 326 rooms—or “cabins,” in the chain’s parlance—are just 149 square feet. Corner cabins range from 200 to 225 square feet; and there is a 1,000-square-foot VIP suite on the top floor.

The Yotel—only the second in the U.S. after one in New York—is also quite smart in its technology. Such tech includes sofas that convert to large beds within 30 seconds; mood lighting; and so-called techno walls with smart TVs and all sorts of device plug-ins.

The inn also has a club lounge, a 24-hour gym, and a rooftop lounge.

Yotel Boston is offering a special nightly deal to mark its opening. After that, rates are expected to rise.