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South Boston Gulf station replacement: 65 apartments with 88 parking spaces

And private rooftop decks

Rendering via Stefanov Architects

The Gulf gas station at 87-93 West Broadway in South Boston would be replaced with 65 apartments in a six-story complex that would also include 88 vertical parking spaces in an automated garage.

These details from Dorchester-based developer Oranmore Enterprises come courtesy of a recent filing with the city (which shows some changes from previous plans).

The apartments would be one- and two-bedrooms; and there would be 9,000 square feet total of restaurant, retail, and lobby space. The building would also feature nine private rooftop decks, a shared deck, and parking for 65 bikes (but, again, 88 cars).

If Oranmore gets the necessary green-lights, construction could start in the spring of 2018. It would take 18 months.