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When Newbury Street will be closed to cars this summer

Which blocks, too

Boston has announced the dates for Open Newbury Street this summer, wherein the retail-heavy drag in Back Bay will be closed to vehicular traffic. The dates—all Sundays—are July 23, August 13, and September 10.

The street will be closed from where it meets the Public Garden at Arlington Street all the way to where it hits Massachusetts Avenues.

Here, courtesy of the Back Bay Association, is a handy interactive map of the businesses along Newbury that will be that much easier to get to car-less.

The last time the city tried something like this was August 16, 2016, also a Sunday. The closure went over particularly well with business owners.

"Open Newbury allows the community to engage directly with Boston’s most iconic retail main street,” Michael Phillips, president of major Newbury stakeholder Jamestown, said in a statement. “At Newbury, we celebrate retailers that are finding synergies between brick and mortar and the online marketplace."

Plus, Open Newbury will allow Mayor Marty Walsh to once again rock some cargo shorts.