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Seaport District open space a major focus of Seaport Square development

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City wants more of it

Rendering via WS Development

The Boston Planning & Development Agency wants the developer behind nearly 13 acres of the Seaport Square project in—where else?—the Seaport District to reconsider its plan for a linear park from Summer Street to Northern Avenue.

The city wants something more open—a sweeping park perhaps—and also wants the linear park, dubbed Harbor Way, to reach the existing Fan Pier Park so as to connect with the waterfront.

Developer WS Development tells the Globe’s Tim Logan it will consider the BPDA’s recommendations and return with a tweaked proposal “in the very near future.”

The fate of open space as part of this big bit of Seaport Square has been of particular interest to a wide array of people, from local residents to arts groups that might use some of the WS-developed space to elected officials to public transit advocates.

Basically, this development might be the last chance to demarcate serious open space in the Seaport District in general—the sort that is easily publicly accessible and that blends well with its built surroundings.

Stay tuned.