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Charlestown ‘worker’s cottage’ on private street asks $829,000

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Bones in the 1830s

All photos via Coldwell Banker

Only in Boston perhaps could something marketed as a “worker’s cottage” retail for $829,000, but the house at 10 Lexington Avenue in Charlestown is asking exactly that.

Now, the 1,356-square-foot house did begin life in the mid-1830s as a bonafide worker’s cottage. It has been meticulously restored since, of course, and the kitchen, especially, rivals those in new-development condos.

The spread retains some of that earthy early-19th-century charm in the pine floors and beamed ceilings. Plus, there is a fenced-in patio outside; and 10 Lexington is on a private, gas-lit way.

All yours for the aforementioned price through Coldwell Banker.