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Brighton condo-apartment project: 210 units, 220 parking spaces

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Had been 250 units

Rendering via AvalonBay

A proposed development at 139 Washington Street in Brighton has cut the number of planned units to 210 from 250. The 3.3-acre project will also contain 220 parking spaces—or more than the traditional 1-to-1 ratio for Boston development.

Developer AvalonBay would spread out the 180 apartments and 30 condos in two five-story buildings. The project would be designed “to create a seamless landscape ... that will enhance the neighborhood environment,” according to a filing with the city.

The development, which would take about two years to build out, would rise next to a major redevelopment of the old St. Gabriel’s Monastery. Hence, probably, the seamless aspect.

Still, is it just us or does the number of parking spaces seem excessive? Stay tuned.