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Biggest Hyde Park development in decades comes into focus

521 apartments on 6.6 acres

Noannet Group via the Globe

A Boston-based developer wants to plunk a 521-unit apartment complex on 6.6 acres in Hyde Park near the Readville commuter-rail stop.

The complex, which would include a quartet of five- and eight-story buildings on Sprague Street, would be the single biggest development in Hyde Park in decades, according to the Globe’s Tim Logan.

It’s not just the hundreds of apartments. The Noannet Group, the developer, also plans a two-story co-working space, a gym, and a coffee house, among other amenities. The idea, per a release, is to create a development “more like a college campus than a conventional apartment complex.”

We’ll see. The project is now under city review—though it does have the proverbial wind at its back apparently. The Boston Planning & Development Agency, per Logan, “has circled [Hyde Park’s] Readville as one of several areas of the city that have the potential for large-scale housing development.”

Should the city sign off, Noannet would break ground in 2018 and wrap the following year. Stay tuned.