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Roxbury’s Shetland Street could get dozens of apartments

Four-story complex

Boston-based Holland Cos. wants to construct a four-story apartment complex on three parcels along Roxbury’s Shetland Street that it acquired a year ago for $1.75 million.

The building would hold 50 market-rate apartments and seven units designated as affordable. Just over half of the 50 apartments would be studios; 18 would be one-bedrooms; and 12 would be two-bedrooms.

Also, there would be parking for 52 cars as well as the usual amenities—fitness center, bike storage, shared deck, etc. The project would, too, include a 5,000-square-foot interior courtyard.

All of this would mean the demolition of the former home of the Boston police union at 13 Shetland Street.

Holland is awaiting approval from the city, and hopes to start construction in the fall.