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What’s your favorite Boston-area summer getaway?

Sound off

Roman Boed/Flickr

It’s prime vacation time right now. But suppose you only want to (or can) get away for a weekend or a few days at a time—where do you go?

Our latest Friday Open Thread turns over the mic to Curbed Boston readers to ask about the best weekend getaways near Boston. We define near as within three hours by car, train, bike, boat, or a combination of the three.

Is it a particular town? Or maybe a beach? An attraction such as a museum or a hiking trail or a camping ground? How about an island? A resort?

Each of us has got one or two places nearby that we would return to or that’s on our personal New England bucket list. Heck, maybe it’s Portland, Maine. Everyone’s moving to Portland, Maine.

Sound off in the comments section.