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Bell and Fandetti townhouse in Cambridge drops for $950,000

Airiness everywhere

Photos via Compass

From 1973 to 1981, architects Doug Bell and Gerald Fandetti designed approximately 170 townhouses in about 20 different clusters around Cambridge.

Distinctive for features such as levels setting apart rooms rather than walls and a resultant capaciousness, the townhouses (some are deeded as condos) were also considered particularly energy-efficient for the period. There was also a lot of wood and natural light involved; and sometimes a deck, too.

The 1,357-square-foot, seven-room townhouse at 19 Lilac Court in Cambridge’s Wellington-Harrington neighborhood is in that grand Bell and Fandetti tradition.

The spread, which went up in 1981, includes touches such as a midcentury modern enamel fireplace and a fenced-in bluestone patio.

But the airiness is the really striking feature, one that skylights and open rooms help mightily along.

All yours through Compass for $950,000.